mozzeno skips
detours and adds

And it’s about time we knew about it. mozzeno developed a new way of lending money. By going back to the basics, the essence. lending money from one another and adding value in doing so, with mozzeno being a mere middleman. A clear concept, but one that is very new to the banking-scene. So how do we introduce people to this new – smarter – way of financing?




  • Strategy
  • Branding


To position mozzeno into the world of lending and investing, we gave it a voice. One that stands out in the crowd of traditional banking. Establishing a strong brand with an even stronger message resulted in a foundation that we can keep building on with campaigns.

Communication reflects a brand’s identity. mozzeno is a straightforward alternative to financing, so we’re telling it as it is: lending money without detours. Because if we invest in each other directly, we all benefit from the added value.

mozzeno, obviously

mozzeno adds more value to lending and investing by scratching all the detours. Financing in a faster, smarter and more profitable way. It makes sense. Not long from now it will come naturally to all of us. Just like Iphones, Spotify and Uber. Throughout the years we have always gone from: new, to: new normal.
From: lending from a bank
To: lending from each other.
Keeping the value among us.

We’ve brought together this message of a more logical way of lending (without detours) and the insight of it becoming the new normal soon enough into a campaign that puts mozzeno in the minds of everyone who’s considering a loan.

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