Protecta: Start something to care for

Innovator in pest control and prevention Armosa decided to 'go direct': shifting part of its sales from professional markets directly to consumers. After a strategic exercise and market analysis, the choice was made to do so with their brand Protecta, which provides a full range of products for alternative solutions for home & garden habitats. Quick Brown Foxes accompanied Armosa in this exercise and prepared Protecta for its grand entrance into the public market.


  • Armosa


  • Strategy
  • Branding
  • UX/UI Design

Going full circle

Protecta's shift in market focus was followed by an even broader shift in product range and brand promise. Protecta will go full circle, not only offering solutions to protect habitats but also starting new ones. With a range of artisan seeds, it actually kickstarts the green in your home and garden. From now on Protecta will accompany its customers throughout their journey, from planting seeds to helping nature in their habitat grow and flourish. Topped off with the activating brand statement: "Start something to care for." 

Closing the loop

Along with the brand narrative, we designed a playful and flexible visual language that can be used throughout Protecta's on- & offline communication. The brand's visual signature is designed for maximum flexibility and growth. Its design assets offer endless possible combinations. The first touchpoint to be finalised was the digital platform, which will evolve from a mere storefront today to a fully working e-commerce site in the upcoming months. 

Fertile ground

Yet e-commerce is just part of Protecta's journey to becoming a full-service brand. The brand manifest and narrative are the basis for content-driven marketing that will inspire and assist Protecta's clients who want to start, grow and protect more green in and around their homes.

Organic growth

Protecta's broadened market vision also offers new possibilities in product development and market segmentation. With the identity and style to match its ambitions, Protecta is now ready to grow into a full-circle lifestyle brand. 

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