What we offer

Honest brands live longer and have more impact. We’ll help you preserve your essence, in all endeavours, for the lifespan of your brand.

“21st century challenges will very likely require 21st century tools.”

  1. Brand

    Choose to be chosen: by getting your brand story cristal clear, your customers, partners and employees will know what to expect from you, right away.

    Value emerges where brands offer what people need. We help you define what exactly that is, by starting with your own motivations and beliefs. We’ll help you define them and detect how they respond to what your audience needs. From there we’ll help you reach out with a clear brand position, promise and narrative to stand out.

    Output can include:

    • brand manifest
    • brand values
    • mission & vision statement
    • Brand passport
  2. Brand

    Give your brand the personality that reflects its value. A personal voice, style and look are quintessential if you want to be recognized.

    We design identities that stand the test of time, creating the building blocks that give a brand soul, and a living heartbeat. A logo is just the tip of the iceberg. Not only does this mean that the majority is yet to come, but that it’s often the first thing seen, so it is important.

    Output can include:

    • logo-design
    • styleguides
    • content guidelines
    • brand persona’s
    • chat-robot identities
    • brand passport
  3. Brand

    A brand is the sum of all its touchpoints. We create a consistent brand experience throughout the journey of the consumer: before, during and after delivery.

    Be it print, digital, out of home, physical, we look at the entire picture. If done right, digital interaction can make things more personal. So for us, both off and online are done inline.

    Output can include:

    • website design
    • user journeys
    • stationary
    • street marketing
    • service blueprints
    • video scenarios
    • portfolios
  4. Brand

    We help you implement and operate your daily communication tools. For us, there’s something more important than the tool. It’s the message.

    Based on your brand’s strategy, we’ll plan and create the content and make sure it gets delivered. We can run the show for you, guiding your communication partners throughout the process. Or stand by you in the process with advice and tips, as you prefer.

    Output can include:

    • campaign concepts and plans
    • content plans
    • supplier briefings
    • event planning
    • social media management
  5. Brand

    As brands are living material, we suggest monitoring your brands performance on a regular basis. Before you start talking, we advise you to listen to what other people are saying about your brand.

    By getting to know your audience, what their needs are and how they feel about your brand, you can make better decisions. We help you get the insights you need through discussion panels, surveys, prototyping and online communication audits.

    Output can include:

    • brand reviews
    • user panel reports
    • online performance reports
    • customers surveys
    • in-depth interviews

Like a fox

Foxes come in different types and sizes, with complementary skills to get the job done. That being said, our agency is no island. As architects of communication, we won’t hesitate to reach out for the most suited partners to help us achieve your goals.

Our inhouse skillset:





brand positioning

Find your spot in the market, or even better, define your own category to stand out from the crowd.

value proposals

Explain the value of what you’re offering, so your audience will understand what they are choosing for.

business model canvassing

We help you plot out your grand idea, starting with the value, what it takes to create it, who you can bring it to, how you can get ROI. And then we’ll challenge you, so that big ideas become successful ventures.

market research

You can make better choices if you know what the market looks like. We’ll help you find the insights for success.

digital maturity analysis

See how well you’re holding up in an age of digital transition. We’ll do the check and give the pointers that will help you move forward.

customer interviews

If the user doesn’t use it, it doesn’t work. So let’s find out what he or she wants. We’ll set up individual interviews and/or panel talks to get insights at first hand.

Strategic planning

Define the communication plan to match your business goals.

Creative Ideation

Because just being factual can also be very dull. We like to believe that human imagination kicks in where virtual intelligence stops. And that’s just to point where great communication starts.

User Journey Design

If you plot out the experience of your target audience before, during and after interaction, you will discovery many yet unanswered opportunities.

User Interface Design

Again, if the user doesn’t use it, it doesn’t work. We’ll help you create experiences from a user’s perspective.

Visual Identity

Because logo’s matter. And so do colours, typography, animations, photography. We help you make your point in the blink of an eye.

Application Design

We do graphical design and functional design for websites, digital apps, webforms, services or whatever digital application you are looking for.

Concept Creation

There you have it, the ‘c’ word. A concept is the first step to make an abstract idea tangible. We’ll help you define your plans into a pure, essential form and message. So that you can put your finger on what your actually trying to achieve and convince others of your purpose.

Campaign Design

We design the different elements of your campaign, be it digital or physical.

Information Architecture

Simple is often better. We’ll help you structure complex pieces of information so that you and your audience can easily find your way throught it. Be it semantics, product catigorization, dynamic content articles or complex services.

content strategy

Get your story straight, deliver it at the right time, to the right person.

editorial planning

Define what you want to talk about and plan who does what, when, to what end.


Words can have a big impact, if you use the right ones and put them in the right order. And yes, we can do that for you. In different languages even.


Think before you shoot. Visual storytelling starts with a good outline of your story.


Visual storytelling can be some much stronger if you put the right words to it.

content management

Tame the content beast: make sure the value of your story is put to good use by having well defined objectives, means, methods and the team to make it happen.

social storytelling

Get heard on social media with genuine stories.

campaign planning

Make your communication count, before, during and after interaction. Choose the right channels and touchpoints to get heard.

creative briefs

Ensure your communication suppliers deliver to expectations with clear descriptions, objectives and verification of the assignment.

performance monitoring and optimization

Measure the impact of your communication activities, get to know your audience better and continuously improve your communication tactics.

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