We empower brands with personality by providing the strategic framework, creation and expert guidance for a brand's communication needs. Bringing imagination, empathy, and agility to the table.

Meet the foxes

Your pocket-size international agency. Dedicated, tailored and streamlined for purpose oriented branding. We operate out of Maastricht, focusing on international brands in all industries.

  • Our philosophy


Determine who you are, why you exist, as an organization. Find out what drives you on a personal level. Translate those choices into values, principles, and your brand’s unique personality.


Act on that identity. Design your services, products and processes by listening to the people for whom you want to mean something. Those choices express themselves in the behavior of yourself and your employees.


Whoever acts according to his conviction becomes self-evident and credible. From that comes good, sincere communication. You attract attention because of what you achieve, not because of beautiful, yet empty packaging.

Our customers

share the same view on brands with a purpose
have projects that are relevant for our planet and its people
have the means to match their ambitions
work with us on projects where we can have value
are great dinner companions.

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Fox tales

Good communication may not solve all your problems, but bad communication sure won’t help you fix them.

  1. Vacature projectmanager

    Wij zoeken een vos met strepen. Een vos met strepen, ook wel ‘onze nieuwe project manager’ genoemd, is een zeldzaam dier. Past deze jobomschrijving bij jou, dan ben je er een. Lees verder.

  2. Fox tales #4

    Tell it like it is

  3. Branding is a personal business

    Brands are living things. Their reason for existing and adapting to changing client needs, is closely connected to the people behind them.

  4. Not choosing is still a choice

    When your brand needs refocus, making choices is the first step.

  5. Fox tales #3

    Back-yard developers and other UX

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