Being a fox.

* Please read carefully before applying.

Being skilled for the job is a primary condition, but character is what really defines us:

We believe working as a pack leads to the best results. Each of us brings her or his own talents to the table along with the willingness to listen to other perspectives.

We’re quick on our feet, because our customers often need to be agile as well. So don’t expect rigid procedures, we tailor the process for the project.

We don’t let tools dictate answers.

Very often customer insights do bring us answers. That’s why being empathetic and willing to listen are essential traits for all of us.

We have pride when it comes to the quality of our work. The aim is not to win gold at the next award ceremony. We make cool work that works for our clients.

Don’t expect hierarchy. We do expect foxes to be bold, honest, social and respectful.

Oh, and we do give a f•x.

We hope good things come to good foxes. Put differently, karma can be a foxbitch.

So we try to be nice to people and to our planet. We have a domesticated basil plant to prove it.

We support local craftsmen, especially those in the brewing, distilling and fermentation businesses. Somehow, there seems to be a large concentration of them in Maastricht.

We don’t like authoritarian regimes, unless they serve as a communication agency in Maastricht.

We don’t have issues with people that have different opinions. We just don’t invite them to our parties. Kidding, they can come. But only if they wear a rainbow tiara.

In short, we might not be making the world a better place. But at least we’re trying not to make it worse.

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