R-O: The end of the stone age

Development and consultancy firm RO asked for our help to articulate better what they do and what they stand for. So as a start, we asked 25 people within RO what their company was actually doing, and got 25 different answers. Now there’s a challenge.


  • RO Groep


  • Strategy
  • Branding
  • Web design

RO needed a shared vision to market themselves more accurately. We helped them shape up for a new era in real estate communication with a sharper brand promise, a shared narrative and appropriate brand identity.

A broader vision sharpens your brand

To get there, we had to dig deep. Each team member had a different idea about RO’s mission. But by asking the right questions and listening carefully, a shared vision became increasingly apparent : for the people at RO, real estate is not about walls and ceilings, but about what happens in between. To make stronger cities, RO puts citizens' needs before selling square meters.

You are the city

By focusing on that shared vision, the separate pieces of RO's puzzle also fell together. After all, the various services and activities in RO's offering all serve the same purpose. 

So we encapsulated RO's right to exist in a simple promise: RO makes space for you (RO maakt ruimte voor jou). A statement that hints that RO is not about deciding everything themselves, but rather about listening to those involved in a real estate project and creating better perspectives.

That is why RO's communication tilts the focus from sender to receiver, speaks to you directly, and shows who it's all about, the people who animate a place. With this approach comes a sleek branding, a new website, stationary, office furnishings, and even its own popping RO blue color.

In short, from now on RO involves everyone in its communication, because we all are passers-by, we all are the city.

Photography by Guy Houben

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