Outside! Why it's okay to throw your kids out

Being outside is where lasting memories are created, children get challenged and the next generation of nature enthusiasts is born. But what do you do when young families in particular seem to have lost their connection with nature?


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Introducing Snuit: the cheeky neighbour child of Natuurpunt. Where Natuurpunt protects and promotes nature, Snuit takes on a more alternative approach to making nature fun for parents and their children. No better way to glue families together than mud, sticks and dirt.

Nature is a playground

To really grasp the habitat of young families, we took our ideas to the sandbox. Literally. With a tablet at hand, we found out what parents need when they want to spend more time outdoors, but lack the motivation to do so. Conclusion? They miss one address to turn to for inspiration, tips and tricks: a one-stop-shop for outdoor family fun.

That’s where Snuit comes in. With one click (or walk) away, it gathers all adventurous things to do and family-friendly places to visit. In doing so, Snuit encourages all ages to explore nature as their playground.

Stealing its inspiration from the animal kingdom, Snuit is a call to go outside. Its fun and imaginative style is a nod to the child in each of us. Leaving blank space for families to fill in and play around.

Next to the concept, name and style which we carefully tested before launching, we created new signage in the nature reserves themselves, a Snuit gazette and a sticker sheet. All illustrations are done by Bart Geelen, bringing the Snuit attitude to life.

Snuit encourages you to follow your snout

Snuit is the rebel child of Natuurpunt that strives to become a go-to for parents to find tips and inspiration for spending more time outdoors. Without showing them the ropes, families are encourage to explore nature for themselves in a very inviting and welcoming way. Leaving room for error, learning about and loving nature all over again.

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