Ecoo turns plastic waste into possibilities

Who knew the answer to the ever-growing plastic landfill was to change our mindset from seeing a problem to discovering new resources? Ecoo did.


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From plastic waste to circular products

For Ecoo, plastic isn't the problem; it's an existing resource filled with opportunities. And they prove it every day by using plastics to create new garden products that matter. They take residual plastics out of our landfills and into a circular economy.

Now that's a story we and our partner Yappa could get behind. Together we made sure consumers got behind this story too.


Reframing a tale of waste and landfill to one that's inspiring isn't easy. It requires a lot more than just nice packaging. After talking to their employees, partners and founders, we uncovered Ecoo's true vision, which isn't limited to creating garden products. They share their resources and, in doing so, drastically reduce the plastic problem. That's why we repositioned Ecoo from plastic recyclers to plastic rethinkers. We also put their vision and mission onto paper, making sure they acted on it.

We'll never forget the first time the  brand manifesto was read. That was a goosebumps' moment for everyone!

Nathalie, Ecoo

From Eco-oh! to ecoo

A clear vision also requires inspiring branding.When you're creating a brand that has to speak to the public, it's always good to include them in the process. We invited both consumers and companies to evaluate the existing Eco-oh! brand. Both agreed that Ecoo's renewed vision should be captured in a new visual style, name and products. We proudly present Ecoo: a simpler, more sustainable name with a modular design and logo. The brand now stands for and shows a positive, open and circular vision on plastic waste.


Originally Ecoo (then Eco-oh!) asked Yappa for a webshop, but it didn't take long to realise they needed a lot more to achieve what they wanted. That's where we, Quick Brown Foxes, came in. We took the lead in determining the strategy, rebranding and tone of voice. Yappa proved its expertise in building a new website and social media strategy. In a partnership that respected each other's strengths, we were able to reach a common goal.

Right from the start, the cooperation between the foxes and Yappa was  excellent. We complemented each other perfectly and were able to take the project to the next level together. When will we do that again? ;-)

Eveline, Yappa

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