Galapagos’ call for purpose

Biotech company Galapagos is growing fast. In order to create value through science, they need a lot of people. But only the best: pioneers who want to create a lasting impact, together with Galapagos. How do you find those people that aren’t looking for a job, but are looking for a purpose?


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  • Web design


In order to be chosen, you need to make clear choices aswell. Even though Galapagos needs more than 200 people,they won’t settle for job seekers. They’re looking for pioneers:people who feel success is not about a job title, but a resultof working together on something far greater.

To appeal to those pioneers, we wanted to speak their language by letting our own pioneers do the talking.Pioneering for patients, Galapagos’ employees all share thesame call for purpose that might inspire others to join themas well. That’s why we created an online space where candidates can hear for themselves how it’s like to work at Galapagos.

We steered clear from a regular recruitment campaign, focusing on people instead of ‘talent’. Interested candidates can now discover Galapagos on their own terms: through reading, listening or visiting a job fair, they can see whether there’s a cultural fit between them and Galapagos.

Just like Galapagos needs the right people to create impact, we surrounded ourselves with great production partners suchas web developer Three Sixty Media, display specialist Burocad, illustrator Cléa Dieudonné, and audio expertEva Droogmans. By closely collaborating, we created a campaign site and job fair booth that stand out on their own. That way, our team covered the process from concept to delivery.

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