Maak Dat Mee

Want to get a clear picture of what you stand for as an organization and then be able to crisply put that image out there? Of course with a new website, but also in print? We?ve helped the Living Labs team at Imec do exactly this. And suddenly the co-creators were created. (Pun not intended.)


  • Imec
  • LivingLabs


  • Strategy
  • Branding
  • Web design


The Living Labs team at Imec wanted to digitally recruit participants for innovative research projects. And what do those damn foxes always say? “Purpose is the umbrella bridging over the entire total operation. This must first be clear, then be put into clear communication, and naturally be visible on the website.” Clearly articulating what Living Labs stands for, and then carrying that out, also brings new insights. A credo, a mission and vision are the primary building blocks of this process.

Parallel to this, we sat down with the users and took a look at the playing field. Bring a bit of creativity and you have a new brand identity. An experience. We played into both the experience of innovation as well as contributing to it. The experience is carried forward, clearly described and articulated in a brand passport, so that everyone both inside and outside the organization is on the same page.

Correct action is born from correct brand identity. Specifically on this project: a digital platform. Because you can’t call a digital platform with six explicit functions a “website.” Based on the conceptual model and a solid content strategy, we designed the total platform: how it should work, what it should look like and what you read on the homepage. We designed and wrote texts for the core pages and wrote the first few blogs. Foxes that get their hands dirty think better.

Would we also consider a campaign to launch the new brand? Gladly! By considering the possibilities along both substantive and practical lines. The concept was translated by StoryMe in this fun video.

In short: every idea we come up with or product we design starts with the question:"What do you stand for?" If that answer is already bold & beautiful, we can get to work immediately. Are you still not experiencing it crisp enough? Then our cooperation starts here.

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