Meet Roos, the heart of your new home

World, meet Roos: the girl next door who welcomes you to Lummen. Roos understands that buying a new home is not easy. That is why she guides you through the viewing and buying process with a wink.


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Hi, my name is Roos.

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. And Roos knows all the right people, knows who to contact for practical matters and introduces you to her favorite neighbors: Luc, Wim, Jos, and Rita. Before you know it, you’ll feel right at home.

Roos is a reassuring partner in what can be an unsettling process of buying a home. It’s like finding the middle ground between city and nature, Brussels and Antwerp, or between strawberry and vanilla ice cream. With Roos you choose the middle way, because you like to find a good balance.

Roos is the personification of a brand identity that we developed for a new construction project by Qliving and Vandebos, a thirty unit apartment building in the center of Lummen, just a stone's throw away from the Klaverblad junction of Belgium. A "bull's eye" for every home buyer who wants to be able to go in all directions.

Keeping options open is a wish that Roos has for her future residents, but she’s committed to more than just a good location. Greenery, open spaces and inclusivity are all factors that Roos finds equally as important.

Together with Roos we set out to explore the place and the neighborhood. The stories that came our way including those of Mayor Luc, jurat Wim, former landowners and first buyers Karen and Thea, have been immortalized on the website and in the sales specifications book.

The pastry buffets and rosé bottles from opening weekendare now cleared away and the majority of the apartments have been sold. For Roos, the construction of the complex cannot start soon enough. But until then, she will shine on(line), from the bench for a while.

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