On a digital journey to Limburg

Tourism Limburg exists to create interest in Limburg for its guests, and introduce them to Limburg's individuality and strengths. How do you translate that into a website that is as engaging as real-life coffee and flan?


  • Tourism Limburg


  • Strategy
  • UX design
  • Web design


Develop a digital platform that imbues Limburg's DNA. Starting point = the Limburgers, because they make Limburg what it is. And that's what the website focuses on: stories about Limburgers who do justice to the truth. An ambitious undertaking by Quick Brown Foxes, it was flawlessly built by web developer Nascom, down to the tiniest detail. Like how a fine customer with a fine assignment led to a 100% Limburgish, 100% fine result.

To stand out, you have to be distinguishable. Distinguishing what we did during the discovery process gave us not only the building blocks needed to create a functional booking site, but also to digitally promote Limburg in a distinctive way.The platform gives space for those communication campaigns to stand out.

When planning a trip, people start from their travel desires. Combine that notion with distinctive communication and you get an experiential video guiding you virtually through Limburg in a way where people can simultaneously compose a personal journey.

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