Welcome navigator Jeroen

When clients become colleagues, you know you're doing things right. Jeroen makes great work smarter and will strengthen our team as a fox.

Jeroen is one of three foxes who previously helped build a stronger Limburg. During the week, you can find him somewhere between the blossoms of Borgloon, on weekends he prefers to view the world as his playground.

His job title makes us dream about embarking on new journeys. As a Navigator, Jeroen helps guide brands to find their proper purpose. Combining strategic leadership with excellent project management skills, he will make sure there's no deviating from the right path. Preferably off the beaten track, following the most experiential routes. His expertise? Digital. And that is precisely the future.

Welcome J!

Welcome navigator Jeroen

Good communication may not solve all your problems, but bad communication sure won’t help you fix them.

  1. Fox tales #4

    Tell it like it is

  2. Branding is a personal business

    Brands are living things. Their reason for existing and adapting to changing client needs, is closely connected to the people behind them.

  3. Not choosing is still a choice

    When your brand needs refocus, making choices is the first step.

  4. Fox tales #3

    Back-yard developers and other UX

  5. Making it right in Limburg

    Making it right in Limburg This Spring, we take a fresh start for Limburg. Our new campaign encourages visitors to make it right in Limburg by painting it as a top-of-heart destination.

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