Not choosing is still a choice

When your brand needs refocus, making choices is the first step.

Choices give brands their personality and hints toward the direction they're heading. However, at times, the bold choice is not to choose. For the city of Beringen, we built a strategic plan that leaves all options open to their guests. Allowing you to experience a day (or two) full of "yes and"instead of "or."

Tourism without boundaries

To unite all parties, there needs to be a distinct goal and a clear road toward success. Connecting the dots between city, inhabitant, entrepreneur and visitor, this 5-year plan is set on creating added value for all. Through interviews with internal stakeholders, researching the latest tourism trends and creative sessions with entrepreneurs, we merely provided guidance. The plan is all theirs: based on collaboration and feasibility, encouraging all parties to work together as one. To act on this unified brand, the previous non-profit Tourism Beringen, the city of Beringen and its touristic services will be collaborating under this brand: Visit Beringen.

Choosing not to choose

A tourism plan helps make strategic choices to guide all decision-making: whether it's choosing a target audience that we're trying to appeal to, or new products or events to roll out in the near future. In Beringen, not choosing was a clear choice. It's the combination of two extremes that makes the city of Beringen worth your visit:

Between past and present.
Between adventure and relaxation.
Between city and nature.

Here, you don't have to miss out. The city of Beringen connects: it chooses to let guests and residents meet. It opts for collaboration between community, city, other disciplines, neighbouring municipalities and provinces. Visit Beringen brings local actors together to build a meaningful offer, an attractive brand and clear communication to lead guests to a diverse offer. Allowing the city of Beringen to become the western gateway to the euregional mining region known for its adventurous and authentic experiences.

This is how we build tourism that is open to the opportunities that come our way. In doing so, we create prosperity and well-being for everyone in the city of Beringen. After all, tourism in Beringen is from and for us all.

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    When your brand needs refocus, making choices is the first step.

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