Brightening the future with fake news

Ahhh 2020.

The year our pants became a little tighter, our Wi-Fi a little slower and fake news no longer the exception, but the rule. Not the greatest year to look back on, so we'll just look forward instead... With ten conspiracy theories that you will want to believe in in 2021.

1. Advertising agencies died and are being replaced by look-alikes.

These new agencies are all about bringing together a variety of clients, target audiences, and experts from various fields in the process.Changing their work methods for the better: no more waterfall models, but rather a creative ecosystem that lasts.

2. Cults are real. And you might already be part of one?

Relax. It's just us, The Quick Brown Foxes. After all, we match the description perfectly: "A secret network of exclusively selected people devotedly working towards a certain goal." Care to join? We promise there are no sacrificial rituals... yet.

3. Maastricht's Mount St. Peter is actually a volcano.

We're not sure whether this is true or not. All we know is that Maastricht is in fact the warmest city in the region for some inexplicable reason. Who needs Acapulco, when you've got beaches on the banks of the Maas.

4. People are becoming allergic to CEOs!

We've been seeing it a lot lately: sudden coughing and sneezing attacks. For some reason that word just doesn't sit right with us. That's why Jan will enter the new year as our very own ManagingDirector instead of C.. haaa... E.. haaaa... chooooO!

5. It's alive! Brands turn out to be living things.

As it turns out, your brand is actually a living thing. Just like us, they grow and evolve over time. Depending on the life stage your brand is currently in, we can help build it. From definition, design, delivery and growth to assessment, and back allover again, if you're up for it.

6. Everyday millions of darlings get killed in war rooms.

You know creatives create little darlings every minute of every day. But in order to make sure the best ones thrive, a lot of them have to die. The whole process involves post-its, beers and a lot of tears... it's traumatic really.

7. The world of advertising isn't flat.

Advertising can be far from flat, three-dimensional even. Our "Be-Act-Tell"? Triangle starts with who you are, how to walk the walk, and how to express that realness to the universe. So are you ready to explore what else is out there?

8. Some foxes can read and control minds.

Their sly nature has helped them observe and understand people for years. This turned them into great copywriters and UX-designers and outfitted them with a toolkit of clever tricks that help nudge consumers in the right direction.

9. Extraterrestrial life exists and we can communicate with them.

Aliens are real and they're trying to reach out.Fortunately, the communication skills we've built throughout the years have helped us to understand every target audience imaginable.Trust us: once you've dealt with Gen Z, aliens are easy-peasy.

10. Bigfoot is real and would like some peace and quiet.

Contrary to popular belief, Bigfoot is in fact a silver fox. No scary 2,5 meter monster, but actually a pretty nice guy. Spending most of his career helping companies shift to a more digital approach, he occasionally shares some wisdom.Thanks, Yves.


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