Fox tales #2

Welcome to the dark side (of your home office)

Two weeks ago I skipped work (snow day!) partly to get away from work, but mostly to get away from my workplace. In order to do so, I had to open my front door, step out of my house and into the cold. -10°C. I could have gone remote but decided to take time off instead. To skip work. Because the one who skips, will find a gap in time.

"(...) That is how it feels. As if you are entering a door into a parallel universe. In the normal world life goes on. Everyone works hard for their future, as should I, but that future does not exist on the other side of that door. There are no rules or obligations, there is no one who wants anything from you. There, you are free." - Haruki Murakami in Novelist by Profession

In an article about working from home (in Dutch) - which also discusses foldable, all-in-one "mini offices" (actually just boxes) that sell for €300 each - I read that it's us who lock up ourselves. Not the box, nor school nor our home office.

It reminded me of all the viewing boxes (dioramas) that I made long ago in forgotten school holidays, and how you had to make holes in 'em to see what's going on inside.

This week, spring knocked on my front door. It asked me to check my agenda once more... And to bring a pair of scissors. So I could stab holes in it, to see what's going on outside.

Fox news

What inspired us

  • Opinions about working from home are divided, even among our team. It's almost Dilemma on Tuesday. You have to choose: less travel time or less whining kids time. Back-to-back meetings all day or working in the same pyjama pants for 4 weeks straight. It makes us consider what a workplace really means to a fox. And what such a workplace needs...
  • Working from home doesn't just turn our lives upside down. In tourism too, hotels are rethinking their business models: from hotel room to remote office.
  • If you're tired of unproductive remote work meetings, try using energizers to shake things up. Or record yourself. Hoping your boss doesn?t notice, that is...

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