877,400 locals rediscover Limburg

When tourism turns into lockdown, we're left with only two choices.

One, sit back and relax until tourists start making their way back. Or two, roll up your sleeves and take action. The destination marketing organisation for Belgian Limburg, Visit Limburg, opted for the latter.

In 2019, Visit Limburg was going places. Quick Brown Foxes was asked to help map out a digital strategy to reach travellers, inviting guests on digital journeys to explore potential destinations. Captured in a long-term strategic plan, the organization defined a clear vision for its tourism. Then a pandemic spoiled all the travelling fun.

When things are hard, it's easy to focus on the bad. Empty beds, closed restaurants, cancelled flights. However, despite the travel restrictions, Limburg is (still) open for business. Its welcoming hosts, open museums and national parks are waiting to be (re)discovered by guests and locals alike.

By redefining the definition of "guest", we encouraged 877,400 locals to be a tourist close to home. Not far from their own backyard, people found new places, things to do and time to spend with close ones, close to home. Giving tourism a fresh perspective and its much-needed guests.

After Covid-19 hit, Visit Limburg needed to work out a recovery strategy to support their partners. A task force led by Igor Philtjens, deputy of Limburg, called together creative agencies and touristic partners. Among those were Quick Brown Foxes, Hands, Jakobus & Corneel and Stories by Light. First, a successful summer campaign co-created with Czar invited people to 'relive' Limburg. Building on previous work, the spring break campaign ensured tourism partners ran at full capacity. It was the result of Quick Brown Foxes' creative concept, Stories by Light's video production and Matteo Simoni's audio script. Jakobus and Corneel took care of media buying and handling.

For now, Limburg is for the in crowd.
When you can, step out and drop by Limburg. Your journey starts here.

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